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The Nuc, the organizer


Founded in 1935, the NUC (Nice University Club) is originally a multi sports association. The « NUC subaquatique » is one of the NUC elements. Today, remaining a part of the global NUC, the NUC Subaquatique is an independant association.

The « NUC subaquatique » has been organizing since 1989 freediving course in Villefranche-sur-Mer. Its team has written the first rules for freediving competitions and helped with other worldwide freedivers the development of modern freediving : freediving competitions.

The « NUC Subaquatique » has organized :

-       the first AIDA freediving world team championship in 1996

-       numerous competitions and world records with Loic Leferme, Pierre Frolla and Guillaume Néry

-       the final of the AIDA freediving world cup in 2000

-       the 1st AIDA individual world championship for depth in 2005

For 20 years, the « NUC Subaquatique » in collaboration with the SUAPS (sport service of the University) teach students for freediving university pool.

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