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Information for the athletes

To be well informed, here are some important informations. This document will be updated each time we’ll have new information to give you. If you have any questions or problems, contact Claude Chapuis : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

+ (33) 6 85 31 07 42

General concept

This AIDA world championship is organized by the Nice University Club in relation with AIDA France and AIDA international.
It’s organized to limit the impact on the environnement and avoid to ask too much money to the athletes, coaches and friends.

Amount of registration for the World Championship

It’s a package which is proposed. Accomodation, breakfasts, lunches and diners, the arrival package , trainings, boats, access to the different competition sites (sea and pool) , ceremonies. Also included landscape and underwater pictures of you during trainings and or competitions. You’ll have also free massages with the team of Akiléine, Free daily classes for Yoga and meditation with Sara Campbell will be also proposed.

  • The amount is 695 Euros all included for the 8 days.
  • This amount is the same for everybody, athletes coach, friend.
  • 120 beds have been reserved and paid at the Residence « Pierre et vacances »  Villefranche since December and 50 beds on the 30th of June because here on the Côte d’Azur at the beginning of September, it’s the full saison with full prices so, the best way to lower the prices is to reserve and pay several monthes way to lower the prices is to reserve and pay several monthes before. So there is two official residence for the athletes, one at 3’ by car, the other one at 12’ by car. A shuttle will be organized for the delegations accomodated to the residence n°2. The delegations having cars will be accomodated (like the french delegation) at this second residence and for that, each car of th esecond residence will have a pass for the parking near the official village.
  • Pre registration is free for all nations. This pre registration must be made in theory by the AIDA national representative or a person he has delegated for. If there is a problem in some countries, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . (deadline for pre registration is June 30th).
  • For the final registration (deadline August 15th) where it will be necessary to know athlete’s name, friends coaches .., we’ll use a  bank transfert procedure . For any problem, you’ll have to contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


There is two residence « Pierre et vacances » with a pool for each one


Breakfasts are taken in the appartments where you’ll find everything for that. Ask please at each event committee to the person in charge of the athletes if something is missing in your room.


They are taken under a circus tent in the official village.


Optionnal trainings will be proposed each afternoon on the two pool sites.If some athletes arrive before the 8th of September, please consider that we don’t manage this part. Contct plesae Cedric palerme ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to know how you can train in CW from 1st to 5th. On the 7th of September, the organization will organize short unofficial trainings in CWT for 15 Euros per person on board.

Sunday in the morning an official CWT training will be proposed. Registrations for such moments will be noted the day before at the event committee. The training organization will be a « light » version of the 4 competition days for constant weight but it doesn’t mean that there will be no security of course. If all the teams want to have a training, 3 rotations will be organized to allow each athlete to have around 1 hour in the water for his training (1h15). These trainings will be organized from 8h to 9h30 or from 9h45 to 11h15 or from 11h30 to 1 pm. If necessary, a draw will be organized to organize the rotation of the teams for these trainings. At any moment, the diving director, member of the organization can stop a training if the safety conditions, athletes or behavior are not in accordance with the pursuit of the training. Same thing if the sea conditions are not good for the safety.


Safety of the athletes, friends, jury and staff is only placed under the responsability of the organizer (french law). Respect please all information which are given to you and respect the persons in charge of these information.


There will be a free wifi hot spot in the official village. There is also the wifi at the residence Pierre et Vacances but for the moment we have to pay for that.

French law

The french State control everything concerning the sport. A special « code of the sport » describe everything mainly for special environment. It’s the case for freediving and diving.

Doping :
We would like to help you to pay attention about the existence of a french doping law which say that in case of a positive control, you go globally directly to the jail if some substances listed on the WADA prohibited list 2012 are found in your body. See on the website the list of all forbiden substances.

Diving :
A french law forbid to breath pure O2 with a regulator if the person has not a « confirmed nitrox certification or equivalent (certification which allow a scuba diver to breath pure O2).Any freediver diving beyond 80m in constant weight will be sent toward the 3 doctors in order to let them decide if they need some medical assistance to recover after their deep dive. In all the case non certified freedivers will be allowed only to breath at the surface with a normal O2 equipment. For those who have a confirmed nitrox certification (nitrox level 2), O2 will wait you in a recovery zone with O2 regulator allowing you to breath O2 at a max depth of 5 meters.

All the athletes who don't have the oxygen certification and who are used to breath pure oxygen on the surface or between 0 and 6 meters to recover after a deep dive are invited to contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . A solution will be find.

Medical certificate :
Obligatory in France, the medical certificate will be asked to all athletes and substitues on the arrival day. The AIDA medical certificate is not valid in France. Please use the model given on the world championship website . We keep the certificate for the week and will give it back to you the departure day.

Insurance :

The french law impose at all organizer to take an insurance for everybody in case where a person, athlete, staff, judge … cause a damage to another person. So for that you are covered by the organization. Be CARREFULL, the french law impose also to an organizer to inform clearly all participant to the importance to have a personal insurance which can cover all problems related to an individual accident, causes by nobody or provoked by the activity itself (oedema, decompression sickness ….). Think carrefully to this problem dear athletes coaches …. to avoid to pay if in case of emergency. We stronggly suggest to contact DAN inssurance to ask them how to be covered correctly for personal accidents which could occur during dives with no persons being supposed responsible.

Photos and videos

Some pictures of the official photographers of the organization will be given to the athletes, medias, partners, with free rights for an internal use only and not to make money with. There will be a free photo for each athlete in addition. Accredited Media mak elandscaphe photo and video in the areas reserved for them. Underwater picture are video are given to them. No medi acan make underwater picture or video without the permission of the organizer. In any cases, allunderwater photo or video will be made in freediving or recyclern bubbles being able to be a problem for the safety and or the visibility. The people in the water during the training or competition days are the athletes, coaches or captains, safety divers of the staff and AIDA judges. Coaches and captains are in the water because they are for a part in charge of the safety of the athletes but are not in the water to make photo or video. Photo video and safety are not friends. If for any reason, any team would like to make some photo or video in the water during the trainings, the captain of the team has first to ask for that to Claude Chapuis the fisrt day or during the event commitee.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
+ (33) 6 85 31 07 42
By this way, we will be able all together to suppose that it will be more easy to control everything in the water.


We wish to emphasize you, the teams. Help us to help you by answering to all asks for information about you and your team. We’ll need these information for ceremonies and documents. Thank you.




Claude Chapuis

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