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Since the begining of January, the official website of the WC was giving information for athletes indicating that to help every freedivers and propose a cheap solution, the principe of a package for 695 Euros had been chosen.

After the 30th of June (deadline for the pre registration) we paid most of the beds following the informations given by the AIDA responsible and indicating the number of persons in the delegation (taking into consideration too the presence of some couples in these delegations.

Some persons begin to ask questions to find at the last minute a personal hotel to stay alone with much comfort (it's their right) are informed that here, on the french Riviera, it's in general difficult to find a cheap hotel at the last minute. To help these persons, find below the map and list of Hotels in Villefranche sur mer. Be careful, these hotels in general don't have a pool like the athlete's residence A and B and you'll have access only to the DYN pool like the other athletes but for the static, in theory, it will be not possible to come to the pools of the two athlete's residence because these pool are reserved for persons accomodated in these residence.

We try to negociate but for the moment, the athlete's who want to train for static and choicing themselve a private hotel have no pool to train in static … except the sea".

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