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Ute Gessmann

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Name : Ute Gessmann

City : 46569 Hünxe

Country : Germany

Email : Ute

Horoscope sign : Taurus

Judge level : Judge A - Instructor

Main judge experience : World Champion ship 2006,2007, 2008, 2009 2011 and a lot of World Records

Main occupation : Sport Officer

Diving, freediving or sport certification : Scuba Diving Instructor and Free Diving Instructor and Instructor for Aqua Fitness, Babyswimming

Feeling about judge role : It is difficult to be 100% concentrated all the time. A Judge has to be equal to all athletes , whether he likes them or not. I like to be together with all the Freediver

You like Music ? which one ? Oldies and rock

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