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Sylvian Fishman


Sylvian Preziosa, born on March 7th, 1963 in Nice of, is interested very early in painting. He sold his first works in the 1980’s but it is with the turning of the millenium that he found his style and settled in a durable way his main topic: the fish. His research led him to explore wide way of expression in a personal technique. In the years 2004, he structured his visual integrating the plastic bags found underwater or on shores as wastes that he recycles in order to make match his subject to an environmental approach. Since then, his work would carry messages as he turns back to its origins, waste to whom it belong. Its work is impregnated of culture Pop Art, a movement that has structured his art philosophy and that he followed since its origins and like Andy Warhol or Jean Michel Basquiat, he proposes an iconographic vision. The choice of fish can be explain as to mark his connection to his land of origin and point out the importance of the biblical theme, a recurrence which works on resonance since this fish is always shown to us of profile, the glance turned towards the left. Sylvian iconography the fish as Warhol had did it with the Campbell soup can, the dollar sign, the portraits of stars or like Keith Haring with his radiant baby. The choice of the pallet is connected to this movement through the primary colours and minimalists. But Sylvian does not stop there. His life in Nice has influenced his work with his exposure to the New Realism movement and artist like Arman, Klein, César, Spoéri and so many others which, simultaneously with the Pop movement American Art, developed an artistic form turned towards the object and our consumer society. The New Realism proposed us a new glance towards the object around the variation of deteriorations of state which one could make them undergo. They attempted to break, burn, and segment, cut, accumulate, occult, compress the object in order to withdraw its functionality first and to bring it to the glance in a surprising dimension. Sylvian uses, as raw material in its works, of the bags plastic which it finds in the sea or on shores, that it heats, stretches and paints to give them life. A second life for this packing of objects that became useless and waste of our company. The step is of as much tempting than it integrates this environmental dimension.


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