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The Centre de Découverte du Monde Marin

is a non-profit association of environmental protection, environmental education and sustainable development founded in 1991.
Based on the port of Nice and Villefranche-sur-Mer, the CDMM deploys its associative project for 20 years in the territory departmental, regional and Mediterranean.
Since 1999, a team of employees from diverse complementary training develops the six poles of the structure:

  • - Educating the young public about the protection of the environment and the living environment and particularly the Mediterranean coastal and marine environment: animation in schools, in hospitals, as part of its Home facilities;
  • - The creation of informations supports
  • - Public awareness through adult courses and training on various themes
  • - Participation and organization of events for the young and adult;
  • - The organization and facilitation of the Euro-Mediterranean Network comprising representatives from countries around the Mediterranean around advocacy, environmental protection;
  • - The counseling, advice, expertise, research
  • - trip of discovery of the coast in kayak and snorkling in summer

Many educational projects are undertaken each year for all (traditional public, disadvantaged, disabled), everywhere (schools, water sports, hospital environment), all ages (from nursery to seniors), to all times (school time to professional and recreational), from local to Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (the port of Nice to the entire Mediterranean basin).

Centre de Découverte du Monde Marin
50 Bd F. Pilatte - 06300 Nice
Tél: 04 93 55 33 33 / Fax: 04 93 55 44 44 /

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