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William Trubridge

WilliamI'm excited to come to Nice for the first time for the World Championships and the celebration of AIDA's 20th year this September. Unfortunately for my home country, we are on the exact opposite point of the Globe to France, so it is a long trip for me and my compatriots, however if we are able to be there then no one else can have any excuses!

It's great also to see the event being combined with efforts to increase awareness of the endangered state of our planet's bloodstream: its oceans. As freedivers we make ideal ambassadors of the underwater world, and we have the opportunity to set an example of delicate and natural symbiosis with the seas.

Whether you're a fellow competitor or a fan who has stumbled across this site, I hope to see you in France this summer for what will assuredly be a memorable and entertaining event!

William Trubridge


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